A Covid-19 Scare, And Lessons Learnt

On the face of it, we are busy baking and cooking, working from home even as we homeschool, and generally holding it all together through the lockdown. But scratch the surface, and there is one deep fear that binds all us mothers together - the dreaded Coronavirus entering our homes. What if, despite our best efforts, one of our children falls ill? Afshan Anjum shares her story 

Finding ‘The One’ – A New Mum’s Guide To Choosing The Right Gynaec

From that incredulous moment you see two lines on a pregnancy test, right until the emotional experience of counting ten little fingers and toes on your newborn, she (or he) has been your constant companion. The gynaecologist plays such an integral role through our pregnancies that it is crucial to choose the absolutely correct one. Here are Afshan Anjum's tips on finding yourself the perfect gynaec.

Raising A “Lefty” In A Right Handed World

Left handed, right handed, ambidextrous!!! It is 2017 and it really doesn't matter what hand your child writes with. Science has been telling us for decades that a child chooses to write with either left or right hand depending on the dominant side of their brain. However, it's only when you're a 'lefty' yourself or raising a left handed child do you realise how the world is overwhelmingly stacked up in favour of right handed people. when Shweta Singh faced this dilemma with her young daughter, she also found an unexpected ally. Here is her story. 

Of Mithais And Memories. A Deepavali Special

The simplicity and innocence of my childhood Deepavalis imbued happiness in a way taash parties or alcohol never can. My only grouse if it all is the fact that I was only ever a spectator, never a participant in my grandmother’s culinary rituals and I think she preferred it that way. It was indeed her territory.  Though someday, when I become a mother, I think I would want to involve my child in whatever little way I can, in my kitchen endeavours.  What are we without memories suffused with a little bit of mess and playfulness?