How to swaddle a baby? (And 9 cool ways to keep using your muslin square)

Making the all important baby-list

‘Baby List’ – All to-be mothers have it, and I was no different.

In my case, the nausea of the first trimester was followed by the euphoria of the second to finally the ‘let’s take charge and make lists’ momentum in the third trimester.

The one item that was found on every list I saw (it helped that 3 women in my office had recently given birth and were more than eager to share their list) was “Muslin Squares.”

“What’s the big deal about a piece of cloth” I thought, as I went back to researching real stuff – different kinds of prams.

“Muslin, muslin … and some more muslin,” said my American colleague, already a veteran with a 1 year old.

“You’re Indian! You ladies should know all about muslin. It’s incredible,” said the expat mum from the UK.

“I could never have too many of those muslin squares,” said an Emirati friend and mum of 2.

So what are these ‘essential’ bits of cloth we mums are absolutely supposed to have?

Back in the day, at least in Bengali households, it meant tearing out old faded muslin sarees or dhotis that belonged to the grandparents. Faded and time-worn these soft pieces of cloth were the best material to use on a new born – from feeding, to burping to using as a light wrap – this one cloth fit all.

But let’s face it; today’s wardrobes are more likely to be stocked with silks and chiffons. The humble muslin is rare to find (and what passes off as muslin in a lot of places today, is definitely not the real, soft thing).
Which is why, we at Tura Turi embarked on a mission … find the softest muslin cloth out there and create our own line of muslin swaddles.

Did I call it swaddles? That’s not all these can be used for

So here’s our list of the top 9 uses for a muslin cloth

1. Swaddle
Ok, that’s self explanatory!


2. Sheets

No matter where you are, just use this as a spread and your baby has the softest, most comfortable bed to lay on.

3. Pram / Bassinet lining
Make a soft, snug bed inside your baby’s pram / bassinet / Moses basket while you’re out and about.

4. Sun Protector
Baby’s too young for sunglasses and sunscreen, but needs his/her daily dose of Vitamin D. So here’s what a smart momma does – use the Malmal Swaddle as a cover over the pram. Its light and breathable fabric will protect your baby from the harsh sun and pollution. And mosquitoes!

5. Shoulder cloth
Sounds funny, but once you have a child you begin to realise how troublesome every bit of embroidery or sequins on your clothes can be. Pad it all up with this soft cloth over your shoulder.
PS – Spit up alert!
You’ll thank me for this tip when you’re all dressed up to go to work and come to give your baby a last minute cuddle (Murphy’s Law dictates that is baby’s favourite time to spit up some milk)

6. Top and Tail
If a bathtub is not your newborn’s cup of tea, use this super soft cloth to sponge him or her down.

7. Burp and feeding cloth
Once baby starts solids, these pieces of muslin are the handiest things to have around. Cut them down to any size you want and you’ll never have to worry about

8. Nappies
If diapers are not your thing, and you’re always on the lookout for super absorbent, soft cloth, our extra big size makes for pretty ideal nappies too

9. Upcycle your cloth to something fashionable
When your baby outgrows the swaddling stage and you don’t know what to do with these beautiful pieces of 40×40″ malmal … just pass them on to your local tailor to make some designer malmal shirts or dresses for your little fashionista.

Before all that, of course, here’s our super handy guide on “How to Swaddle a Baby”

Step by step guide on ‘How to swaddle a baby’

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