A Mother’s Day Ode … To Me. And You

It’s Mother’s Day, you tell me.
So what should I do?
I woke up at dawn, as usual,
To clean the baby’s poo.

I rushed to make his breakfast,
And ate his leftover food,
All the while, reading forwards,
Celebrating my motherhood.

It’s ‘my day,’ I should celebrate,
Get waited on hand and foot.
Oh wait! That’s just a dream I had,
Thanks to those mushy posts on Facebook.

An entire day dedicated to me,
To lie back, relax, soak in the joy.
Umm, at least for six and half minutes,
Until the next frantic call from my boy.

“Mamma, I’m feeling hungry again.
Mamma, I’m bored, what should I do?
Mamma, I don’t like the red ball anymore,
Can you buy me one that’s blue.”

It’s Mother’s Day,’ I tell the Mister
“What, you want me to get you flowers?
Sure, I’ll order some online,
While you clean baby’s sock drawer”

‘It’s Mother’s Day’ I tell the 4-year-old
“But Mamma what does that mean?
One day when I am the King
You will be my Queen”

There he goes again, winning my heart
Knowing just the right things to say
I may crib and whine, but deep inside
I know, everyday is Mother’s Day

When not answering the incessant question of her 4-year-old, Priyanka Bhattacharya Dutt is a journalist and co-founder of Tura Turi, an art-inspired children’s merchandise brand





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