Raising A “Lefty” In A Right Handed World

Left handed, right handed, ambidextrous!!!
It is 2017 and it really doesn’t matter what hand your child writes with. Science has been telling us for decades that a child chooses to write with either left or right hand depending on the dominant side of their brain. However, it’s only when you’re a ‘lefty’ yourself or raising a left handed child do you realise how the world is overwhelmingly stacked up in favour of right handed people. when Shweta Singh faced this dilemma with her young daughter, she also found an unexpected ally. Here is her story. 
I am a mother of a 4 and half year old daughter. She is a lovely and intelligent kid. She has left hand writing skills.
I thought that being a lefty is not a big deal. But I was wrong. I saw my daughter struggle for every small thing in this right handed people dominant world.
I will share a small incident. Once she was very upset as she returned from school. I asked her for the reason. She replied, “Mummy I am unable to sharpen my pencil whereas all the other kids easily do that.” I thought about the reason and realised that the sharpeners available in the market are manufactured for right handed people, making them very difficult for a 4 year old left handed skilled kid to use.
I looked for stationery for left hand writing skilled kids online but they were very expensive. A sharpener cost anything from Rs. 700 to Rs. 1200.
I wrote about this problem to one of India’s leading manufacturers of stationery, Hindustan pencils Pvt Ltd ( the manufacturers of Natraj and Apsara pencils). They were very helpful. I got a call from a senior person at the company. He tried to understand my concern and promised to help.
Within a week’s time I received a sharpener specially designed for left hand writing skills. They didn’t have that available as a normal product. They actually took the effort and designed the sharpener specially for my kid. It’s a little gesture that has left me a life long fan.
I am really thankful to the company. Lovely customer service.
Former insurance professional and currently a homemaker, Shweta Singh is mum to 2 lovely daughters, and is constantly thriving to make her kids better people and is also learning and improving along with them.

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