Moms On The Frontline: Doctors Fighting The Covid War

Doctors - The selfless, unsung heroes of the moment who are out there, everyday, battling the worst pandemic we have ever seen. Doctors, who have left their own families behind as they rush out to save ours. As cases rise, and Covid-19 continues taking a staggering toll on the entire world, all our hopes have been pinned on our doctors. But what of the toll the pandemic is taking on them and their families? Dr. Salma Chaudhary, a New York based Cardiologist and mother to a 3-year-old sent us this after months of dealing with Covid patients in one of the hotspots of the pandemic.

Back to School – The Hong Kong Way

As we take tentative steps to opening up and resuming 'normal' life again, the foremost question on every parent's mind is about schools. Will schools even reopen this academic year? If so, how are we going to send our children back to their classrooms like before? Maybe the answers lie to our East.
Schools in Hong Kong, that had been shut since January, have recently reopened.
Aarti Mehrotra Mataney writes about her 6-year-old's first day back to school in the 'New Normal'

A Covid-19 Scare, And Lessons Learnt

On the face of it, we are busy baking and cooking, working from home even as we homeschool, and generally holding it all together through the lockdown. But scratch the surface, and there is one deep fear that binds all us mothers together - the dreaded Coronavirus entering our homes. What if, despite our best efforts, one of our children falls ill? Afshan Anjum shares her story