Raising Gen Next Green Warriors, One Compost Box At A Time

Imagine 3 million trucks line up, piled up high with waste. That's how much untreated waste India dumps into its landfills every day. And while we wait endlessly for governments to change policies to tackle our waste crisis, it's high time we understood our own role in it. While it is easy to preach change, very few people have the conviction to be that change. Fewer still are trying to inculcate that sense of responsibility in their children. Mridula Swamy writes about how her two children are green warriors in their day to day life.

Nourishing Beer & Calming Cigarettes: 6 Vintage Ads With Kids That Are So Bad, They’re Good

A blast from the past, where we should pause and spare a thought for mothers back in the 60s and 70s. Mothers who were the target audience for clever ad agencies that used bonny babies to sell everything from cigarettes to beer. Here's a walk down memory lane ... aka 'When advertisers were probably high on the cocaine they were trying to sell to children'

The Feeding Wars … Of Another Kind

We live in a hyper-informed age, where we are just a book or website or whatsapp mommy group away from the answer to all our problems. While that can be enormously helpful, it often comes with its own pitfalls. Like when Debkanya Dhar Vyavaharkar decided to (unsuccessfully) follow the parenting advice of a mummy in another country. A few tears and white hair later, she has found inner peace by coming to terms with the fact that parenting is much easier when you follow your own instinct, even if it goes 'against the book'

Why ‘Fed Is Best’ Can Be Such A Misleading Trope

Fed Is Best! It sounds so right. I mean, which parent would want to starve their baby, right? Except, it can be so wrong – almost like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing – lulling us into a false sense of complacency, about an issue we need to be more aware about. These three words … Continue reading Why ‘Fed Is Best’ Can Be Such A Misleading Trope

Of Milk-Sharing & ‘Milklings’: Another View Of The Breastfeeding-Formula Debate

Breast Milk vs Formula! Breast Is Best! Fed Is Best! These few words form the crux of the most polarizing parenting debate ever. Yes ‘Fed Is Best’ but what if the debate was not confined to just breastfeeding versus formula? What if there was a third option? This is the question I had when a … Continue reading Of Milk-Sharing & ‘Milklings’: Another View Of The Breastfeeding-Formula Debate